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A product of Fort Bend….NOW SERVING FORT BEND!

My Life

For the last 13 years, as an attorney with my own practice, I have fought to uphold the Constitutional Rights of our citizens in Fort Bend County, Texas.  My specialty has always been fighting for the falsely accused or the under-represented.


As the child of immigrant parents from India, I was always taught the value of hard-work and to protect that for which I believe in –  “to whom much is given, much will be required.”  I’m a product of Fort Bend County that started off at Dulles Elementary and graduated from Stephen F. Austin High School. Upon high-school graduation I moved to Kansas City to attend University of Missouri Kansas City to receive both my Bachelor’s in Finance and Master’s in Business Administration.  I returned to Texas to start the path that lead to this announcement - attending Texas Southern University, Thurgood Marshall School of Law to receive my Doctorate of Jurisprudence degree.


Over the past thirteen years, as a Senior Trial Attorney with over 400+ criminal cases, I've ensured that every client that came into my office was treated as if their case was of utmost importance to my firm.  I have fought hard against insurance carriers to ensure just compensation for my client’s who have been injured by the liable party.  I have fought for the Civil Rights of those who have been either falsely accused, or unjustly treated by law enforcement or any governmental agency….regardless of their economic status, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin.


As a father, raising a family in Fort Bend County, Texas, it is of utmost importance to me that I continue to play a roll in ensuring that our community is safe for all that live here.

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My Mission

We need someone with experience on the bench to represent Fort Bend County Court at Law #2 for criminal, juvenile, civil and probate matters. It’s important to understand that just because our County Courts are considered a hybrid court; hearing criminal, civil & probate matters, that does not mean that the dockets for these different types of cases are evenly weighted.  These courts have a vast majority of criminal cases.  My experience handling over 400+ criminal cases over the last 13 years makes me the most EXPERIENCED, COMPETENT and SKILLED candidate to represent Fort Bend County Court at Law #2.


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