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"As a father, raising a family in Fort Bend County, Texas, it is of utmost importance to me that I continue to play a role in ensuring that our community is safe for all that live here."
County Court at Law 2

Approximately 75% of the Fort Bend County Court at Law #2 will hear misdemeanor level cases, juvenile criminal cases and cases appealed from the municipal courts.  The court is designed to determine whether a person has violated a criminal law (a law against harming or endangering others or their property) and, if so, provide a judgement against the offender.  With over 400+ criminal cases over the last 13 years, this experience provides me with the knowledge of the law to determine the just outcome for these cases.  You want a Judge presiding over a court like this who is well versed in its content and well experienced.  Due to my extensive experience, I will be able to hit the ground running when it comes to presiding over cases in this court.

In addition, having served as Attorney of the Day in Fort Bend County over the last several years representing juveniles, I know first-hand the docket that this court will hear as well as the experience to make a fair decision that will allow these juveniles a better quality of life.  Our #1 goal, when it comes to Juvenile cases, our goal should always be to deter recidivism.  These cases need to be approached by the Defense Attorney & the Prosecutor differently than they would approach an Adult Criminal case.  Juvenile cases need to be worked on by all parties involved to address any issues or problems the Juvenile may be having which is causing his or her behavior to deter and become criminal in nature.  Our Juveniles are our future and the backbone of our community.  It is imperative that we have a Judge on the bench presiding over these cases that has a strong understanding of the proper tactics and techniques required to effectively preside over such Juvenile cases.

My Mission

We need someone with experience on the bench to represent Fort Bend County Court at Law #2 for criminal, juvenile, civil and probate matters. It’s important to understand that just because our County Courts are considered a hybrid court; hearing criminal, civil & probate matters, that does not mean that the dockets for these different types of cases are evenly weighted.  These courts have a vast majority of criminal cases.  My experience handling over 400+ criminal cases over the last 13 years makes me the most EXPERIENCED, COMPETENT and SKILLED candidate to represent Fort Bend County Court at Law #2.


Approximately 15% of the Fort Bend County Court at Law #2 will decide on matters and render judgments related to civil actions. Some of the different case (cause) types heard in include malpractice, damages, breach of contract, personal injury, multi-district litigation, etc.  It is important to understand that all of the County Courts in Fort Bend only have jurisdiction over civil cases with an amount in controversy below $250,000.00.  As an attorney with his own practice for the last 13 years, I have been fortunate enough to represent individuals and corporations with such cases.


Approximately 10% of the Fort Bend County Court at Law #2 will handle matters of probate and the administration of estates. With over 13 years handling real estate and other such matters, my experience equipped with my knowledge of the law will allow me to make the right decisions for these cases.


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